DeepWit Recordings – Collections Limited Edition & Exclusive album

DeepWit Recordings Collections 1

DeepWit Recordings is definitely one of the labels that are on a mission to redeem the true essence of Deep House music.

With every release you can expect nothing short of sophisticated and enchantingly smooth production. The case in point this time around is the  label’s Collections Limited Edition & Exclusive album.

Although, the album was released a while ago, I feeel it really deserves another mention and possibly an addition into your music radar and your CD collection.

The timelessness of these tracks owes much to their unique mix that is somewhat ominous when the volume is turned down low, but a serious throbber; ticking all the right boxes the the volume is turned up high!

This retrospective collection spans the label’s illustrious vista of releases in which a clutch of tracks are meticulously packaged into a tapestry that carries a bite often lacking in the nowadays Deep House music domain.

And if you must know, the music for me releases my imagination to stretch skywards conduit of idyllic contemplation. It makes every moment of listening a blissful meditation to the label’s Deep House sovereignty.

It’s a fitting testimony to an extraordinary talent under DeepWit Recordings.