Moving Circles by Sir LSG

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Sir LSG - Moving Circles - GOGO Music - House On Magazine

Artist: Sir LSG

Title: Moving Circles

Label: GOGO Music

Genre: House Music

Style: Deep House / Afro House

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What is a Circle, a complete and constant revolution? What keeps any living, breathing thing Moving? Perhaps the pulsating beat of the heart or a hair raising chill given to the sensational sound of bristle sticks on a cymbal. So many elements coupled with so many harmonies, the musical possibilities are endless.

It is most amazing and utterly delightful to find music constructed and created on levels that arouse nostalgia. Being invited to dive into a world of words on the canvas of an album sleeve, a colourful and diverse array of songs telling a story. Music being afforded its right to be the presidential candidate in this house of complete and untarnished throne of expression.

Moving Circles by Sir LSG is more than just a compilation, rather a gaze into the life of one through an exquisite art form, it is the ministry of sound if you will. It is an album of musical pictures, one that allows you the freedom to arrange these images, personalize them and create your own story.

“When a destination is set, surely it is bound to begin at the point of DEPARTURE. Call it the realization of the journey about to start, that first step. A space in which MEMORIES of all sorts can be created before they are experienced. Exploration is at hand, moments of reflection are about to be witnessed.

Can you become a SOLITUDE CHILD? What is it to live in solidarity? Be immersed into self and the process of becoming. These pilgrims through life often feel like one is going in CIRCLES, full of de-ja-vu and confusion. There is something to be seen.

Often these trials can be a source of frustration, ALL IT TAKES (cliché as it may be, though true in many ways) is the constant persistence and optimism to move in and around these circles and find yourself planted in that SANDCASTLE you built when you were little. Spend a moment with imagination and feel love, peace and serenity. So be a kid again.

The famous chorus: “Ke-se-ra-se-ra, whatever will be, will be”. So LET IT BE, just like how Robert Owens sang, FLY FREE in your ambiance, get drenched in all the notions and emotions. Expose yourself to the BITTERSWEET MOMENTS, be ready to awaken your ability to TRULY FEEL.

There are so many ways to experience elevation, imagine being superman and believe that you can FLY AWAY, like Lebo Mathosa said “away from all these chains that are binding you”.

When the load is lightened, and the weight is lifted, one begins to experience an overwhelming sense of relief, when you understand that essential meaning and purpose of GRATITUDE.

BEHOLD the horizons and admire the views, the journey always prepares you for the ARRIVAL of your destiny, the long awaited. Embrace it, love it, feel it but most if all enjoy it.”

Collaborators Note: Music is a tool for Unity. Just Listen. Words by Kgosimang Tlholoe