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VW Beats Audio x Jeremy Maqasa x Lebogang Leteane

Jeremy ‘Jezza’ Maqasa reviews the Volkswagen Polo Beats with photojournalist Lebogang Leteane.

I first met Jezza on Facebook two years ago and from afar one could immediately sense that Grootman, has a passion for self-propelled engines and fast cars – a petrol head just like me, only cooler and much wiser! I was really excited to meet up with Jezza for the first time, particularly because we were meeting about something we are both passionate about – Cars!

We had chosen Vilakazi Street in Orlando Soweto as our rendezvous point. Jezza had invited me for a Sunday afternoon drive, so you can only imagine what was going through my mind as I walked to the notable Vilakazi street. After about a 20-minute wait, a VW Polo Beats turned into Vilakazi Street and what drew my attention to this particular vehicle was its Xenon Lights and its peculiar gray-white color. The VW Polo Beats stopped a few paces away from where I stood and Jezza stepped out, we exchanged pleasantries and he immediately proceeded to ask me to suggest any location I could think of – where we could take the VW Polo Beats for a spin and we decided on the iconic Soweto Towers and Maponya Mall.


When the word Polo is bandied about, the one thing that comes to mind – is the budget car from Volkswagen. On test, I had the VW Polo Beats just to feel how much this 6th Generation Polo has grown. The VW Polo Beats which is renowned for its stripes on the bonnet (although mine had none) and infamous “Beats” badges on the side pillars of both front doors. The horizontal lines on the side are so distinct and viscerally appealing, thus merging with bonnet lines and making the Polo appear a bit like the Audi due to the sharp shallow grille that extends to the lights.

The Polo is certainly grown from the look of the naked eye, it almost has the length and width of the Golf 4 (sorry, don’t have the exact figures to back this up – however, I do have gazing eyes for the calculations). The VW Polo Beats sits low to allow for better road holding and being nippy, its equip with Falken tires that measure 155/55/16’ Torsby wheels molded-in perfectly in the setup.

Jezza suggested that we get in and hit the road while the engine was still warm – and on taking my seat, I was allured by the vehicles sophisticated retro-like interior, my favorite feature was definitely its panoramic sunroof, I always said my preferred cars aren’t complete without a panoramic sunroof.

VW Polo Beats - Beats Audio - Jeremy Maqasa - Lebogang Leteane - House On Magazine


If there is one thing you will definitely adore about the VW Polo Beats, is the interior of the car. The design is pristine and sure pointed with a classic trim and creativity on the dashboard. With a velvet matte red dash trim and scattered black and white moldings, it also has dark grey seats with a beige leather highlight, and on the upper-back rests the distinctive “Beats” icon. Both rear and front passengers have ample legroom for comfortable seating, just as the driver who can easily adjust his seat and the steering column to suit his/her needs.


The built-in Beats Audio system is designed by billionaire African-American music producer and sound scientist Dr. Dre. Peaking at 300 Watts its two speakers and tweeters are in sync while the subwoofer produces a smooth extended bass sound – you can literally feel the bass waves make your body vibrate. I need to mention that you are surrounded by a war chest of endless sound that is so cleaner than any biological warfare. Every time you hit the ignition, you are welcomed by the Composition Infotainment with a Message parading “Beats” – the system is certainly great for long trips.

VW Polo Beats - Beats Audio - Jeremy Maqasa - Lebogang Leteane - House On Magazine


Since the “beats” is exactly the Polo Comfort line but dressed to impress, it derives to the 999cc (or should we say the 1.0TSI engine with 70kw @5000rpm and 175Nm @2000rpm) with a 5-speed manual gearbox. I’ve noticed that at 1st gear and low rpm the car feels and sounds not-so-convincing and one should immediately shift to 2nd to at least get going and avoid the vibration. But then once it’s up it becomes very smooth to extreme quietness (I sometimes wondered if it is a Hybrid or not). I drove it over various road conditions and the return was supers both in how it handles the bumps (thanks to that suspension to save my kidneys) and the steering which is electrically assisted was on cue. More importantly, was the lack of wind-noise; it’s properly insulated with no irritating hissing coming.

I loved that White Silver Metallic (Dirty White) colour, it handles the season with aplomb. The price starts at R282 500 but my unit will set you up north of R300 000.


Fuel economy was 5.4L/100km – manufacturer claimed 4.5L/100km, not bad
Style and Appeal
Sound system (Beats Audio)
Engine Decent Performance


It was a mission to open the bonnet of the car and I’m afraid if you have family, the beautiful interior will become public enemy number 1.

VW Polo Beats - Beats Audio - Jeremy Maqasa - Lebogang Leteane - House On Magazine

Collaborators Notes: I was impressed by both Jezza’s driving abilities and by the growl of its turbocharged engine, one of the quickest I’ve experienced on takeoff – so I’m unsure if I should give credit to the car or the driver. The suspension felt like that of an SUV or rather an off-road vehicle I was delighted by the cars smooth ride, even where the road was bumpy; the car took it effortlessly. Follow Jezza on Facebook to keep up to speed with the latest wheels on the roads.