Thuli Mola – Vintage styling with Style Alert (SA)

Thuli Motha

Every last Saturday of each month, all vintage clothing lovers and fashionistas flock to her beautiful home in Soweto, for a little ‘Style Alert’ vintage fair. She displays a different collection each month, from blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, bags to belts and most recently jeans and all things leather.

So if you’re on a lookout for some vintage collectors gems, thank me now. Why? Because I have just hooked you up with one of the greatest Vintage Clothing dealer in Jozi. She is Thuli Mola a twenty something year old Sowetan, Stylist and Founder of Style Alert (SA).

Naturally, there might be some of you who’ll throw the entire idea into the wolves arguing that the whole vintage thing has become somewhat overrated and cannot be easily dressed up; but you know what if ‘vintage clothing’ is balanced with enough confidence and a sprinkle of pizzazz you could easily take on the glamourazzi’s and A-listers of this world any day.

It’s quite a simple but ingenious idea really – all she does is shop for vintage gems, styles them up and re sells them at affordable prices. Whether you are petite of full figured Style Alert (SA) will whip up something that’ll have all the boys lining up on your yard.

Although she may be mistakenly as being a tad aggressive at times stemming from her frightfully confident demeanour, it’s all because she pretty much has high ideals on how she wants to see the outcomes of her creativity. I don’t blame her. She has after all and single handed established, grew and consistently maintains the Style Alert (SA) brand.

We spoke to her about her passion for styling and Style Alert (SA) as a platform to express her personal style.

Thuli Motha

Apart from all the most recent trends in the fashion world, what ignited your passion for vintage clothes?

I’ve always loved looking at my mother’s outfits from the 60′s and 70′s in her photo album. It always fascinated me. I then tried to search this particular clothing all over looked but I just couldn’t even find a simple high waisted skirt.

And because I also wanted to have a style of my own, I dug into my mother’s old closet and tried on the items, altered what didn’t fit, and the rest is history.

This I have to ask, who are your favourite style icon/s?

I really don’t have one. Yeah, I know it sounds weird from a fashion lover. There are however a couple of people whose fashion sense I love. Kourtney Kardashian for example. She takes a Vintage looks and makes them modern, which is what I do. June Ambrose, she’s a highly respected top stylist in the US, I look up to her.

What is your favourite fashion era?

Oohhh that’s a tricky one! I love the fashion in the 1940′s, the way they did their hair and the details on the shoe designs. The 1960′s and 70′ on the other hand, it has to be all the high waists, dresses and the one piece jump suits and they have all made a huge come back into the scene.

What’s the one item a lady has got to have in her closet?

You know we all have different taste in style, but every lady has to have that one favourite dress and it doesn’t really have to be a black one! Style Alert may just be the missing ingredient to your closet. On that note, to all other vintage kids, take this as a lesson not as a bashing; this playground is big enough for all of you, play nice!

Editor’s Sidenote: For more of Miss Style Alert’s looks, check out her Facebook page – Style Alert (SA) and on Twitter @StyleAlert_SA.