How to make a distinct House beat

DJ Jonathan Meyer

Have you just started to create and treat beats? There are millions of ways to create beats and quite frankly we could dedicate and devote an entire magazine onto this very discussion, however we have decided to just consults with the experts in the field.

Here are some of the words of wisdom from our expert panel of ‘rhythm doctors’ Jonathan Meyer and label partner DJ Vivona from —-> Super Soul Music.

QUESTION: What are your most tried – and – tested paths you use to create multifaceted beats?

Jonathan Meyer – Super Soul Music (2014)

“There’s not a rule. It all depends on what I feel in that moment, or what I want to do. I start with an idea for a song. I play a beat on my drums finding the right groove to the idea. I then programme the rhythm on my computer and leave it to run for quite a while.

After that I try some different kicks until I find the kick I want. The same for the others parts of beat. When I feel the beat is okay; I take care of equalization and compression for each sound. Then lastly I build a bassline – the engine of the song”.

DJ Vivona - Super Soul Music

DJ Vivona – Super Soul Music (2014)

I usually begin with a particular sound not from a bass drum. I play with it using FX like delay or similar tool in a rhythmic way. Once I’m happy with it, I choose some drum sounds and program the groove.

For every sound, I actually spend a lot of time tweaking it if the song will be sung by a female or male singer. Then I put together some notes and off to the studio to do the main track”.