Traxsource announces AIFF Format


Traxsource announces AIFF Format + “May AIFF Upgrade Event”.

Traxsource, the world’s finest underground music store, has added the pro standard, AIFF as a format option for purchase, as well as the ability to upgrade past purchases. To kick things off, during the month of May Traxsource is offering 35% off MP3 to AIFF Upgrades plus free WAV to AIFF exchanges.

With a passionate staff of DJ’s and Producers the company recognized that the inclusion of AIFF is crucial for Traxsource’s clientele, largely composed of professional DJ’s working in the House and Techno realm. “Every aspect of what we do is directly influenced by our lives as producers & DJs…” Says co-founder Marc Pomeroy.


• The AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format) file has all the convenience of an MP3, containing metadata and art, but with the high-definition uncompressed audio quality of “lossless” formats like WAV.

• AIFF is the same lossless, PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) format as a WAV. The two formats are essentially the same with respect to sound quality and files sizes.

• AIFF, as well as all uncompressed audio is less taxing on computer hardware and requires less processing time because it does not need to be decoded. The bottom line is uncompressed audio sounds better. Our professional users have long requested AIFF files and we are delighted to now offer AIFF as an option as well as the ability to

upgrade your past MP3 and WAV purchases Traxsource reigns as the destination site for House & Techno music fans who require more than the “mainstream” experience. Its knowledgeable staff of DJs and producers provide the finest blend of upfront underground music downloads to a loyal clientele of DJs across the globe.