The Numark NS6

Get to grips with the new Numark NS6 – A 4-channel Digital DJ controller for Serato ITCH with a complete built-in mixer and 4 decks of software control. This easy to use dual-platter system has been designed to deliver powerful breakthrough performance for a broad range of DJs. The NS6 is the first truly pro-grade DJ controller and standalone 4-channel mixer with effects, allowing you to mix external sources with tracks on your computer.

The 4-channel mixer with effects, has mega-mix capability as it allows DJs to mix external sources with tracks on your computer. The virtual needle drop technology introduced with Numarks NS7 is taken a step further, as the NS6 provides position-indicating LEDs that give you a visual representation of a track’s timeline – there’s nothing like using Strip Search to instantly locate a specific point in the track.

With touch-activated platters, intuitive hardware controls, and a rock-solid, latency-free hardware/software connection, the Numark NS6 is a versatile and addictive DJ controller and mixer combination. According to Numark the NS6 platters are the most responsive, highest-resolution touch-activated platters ever produced in a DJ product – as they deliver an astounding 3,600 ticks of resolution per rotation. These are not “forced depression” platters that demand you press down every time you want to move the platter or scratch; the NS6 platters are ultra sensitive, responding to your touch, giving you extremely precise, high definition turntable control.

Numark has describes the NS6 is a true DJ’s dream, never has there been this much versatility and control available for professional DJs. Although this new baby was designed in collaboration with Serato it also has avaiable mappings for Trackor Pro and Virtual DJ proving it has limitless possibilities for the jock – once you’ve installed the software onto your system (PC or MAC) you simply plug the and it plays.

Check the Numark NS6 in action: Numark NS6.

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    dis is the future!