Pioneer introduce The SE-MJ591

Pioneer have just launched a new line in headphones, intended – it seems – to go toe to toe with the omnipresent Beats by Dre. The SE-MJ591’s are certainly beautiful to look at, and promise audio quality to match their aesthetic appeal. A new 40mm driver reproduces sound quality just as it is has been recorded, say Pioneer, while an aluminium vibrating plate makes for crystal clear high frequency with PEEK film edge for straight & smooth mid-low frequency sounds.

The headphones are foldable for convenience while Pioneer’s renowned attention to detail means the sound quality will almost certainly be second to very few. From the headband, the resin hanger arms and the earpieces  themselves have been designed to reproduce top quality sound for a very  long time. With the Pioneer logo machined into the earpieces, the finish  is neat and stylish.

Ample head and ear padding fit superbly well on top of the head as well as over the ears. There is a detachable single side cord for direct connection to audio  source devices. The foldable  headphones come with a protective box and  carrying case to keep them safe at  all times. The Pioneer SE-MJ591 high quality stereo headphones will be available in stores from the end of October onwards.