We were recently invited to the new home of Viva Afrika, home of international DJ brand Numark here in South Africa. We had the opportunity to walk about their showroom while discussing everything from their newly launched DJ school – located in Carlton Centre, Johannesburg – to their plans for the upcoming MediaTech Africa Expo. We also touched on current trends in DJ electronics and what their product catalogue had to offer the market.

Introducing the Mixtrack Pro II, a second generation 2 channel DJ controller in the Mixtrack Pro series by Numark. Sleek in its design, the Mixtrack Pro II has a matte black top finish. It is 46.48 CM in length, 26.42 CM wide and 5.8 CM in height – much to say it is smooth around the edges. It’s surprisingly comfortable to the touch and at 2.13 KG’s the DJ Controller is extremely light which makes it easy for the mobile DJ to carry around from venue to venue.


The Mixtrack Pro II sets up in 3 easy steps – with a left and right master output and a USB MIDI port to PC or MAC. Before getting to mixing and matching beats – you will need to complete the initial software setup, head on to, here download and install the Serato DJ Intro software on your PC/MAC – Good thing it’s free, just make sure you check your system requirements for compatibility.


The Mixtrack Pro II provides the DJ with 8 backlit rubberized trigger pads on each deck, these divided into 2 sets of 4 (we’ll refer to these as Upper Row Pads & Lower Row Pads). The upper row of pads on Deck 1 are dedicated to FX functions – with 6 different FX modes to choose from including Echo, High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Flanger, Phaser and Reverb. The FX modes may be assigned to FX1, FX2 or FX3, while Pad 4 is a dedicated TAP pad which accounts for a Beat Multipler and the 16-beat autoloop function.

The lower row of pads are interchangeable between the Loop, Sample and Cue functions. These functions are accessible through holding down the SHIFT button while pressing the desired function pad. An orange light found below each function pad will illuminate to indicate the function the DJ has selected to use at any specific point in time.

So, by pressing SHIFT + Pad 1 you will activate the Loop Function, by pressing SHIFT + Pad 2 you activate the Sample function and by pressing SHIFT + Pad 3 you will activate the Cue function.



When in Loop Function, the {Loop In} trigger pad allows the DJ to loop into a specific point of an audio track, inversely the {Loop Out} trigger pad allows the DJ to complete a loop cycle in the audio track. The Reloop trigger pad allows you to re-activate and deactivate the looping points you created earlier at any point in time, during the play of that audio track.


The sample function allows you to load upto 4 samples on each Deck, from any local disk on your PC or MAC. Meaning you can assign a different sample to each lower pad on deck 1 and four other samples on deck 2. So, whether it’s a cool drum beat you programmed at home or your favourite DJ Tools and an epic DJ promotion jingle or two, it’s pretty seamless loading it up and dropping these samples during your set.


The controller also includes a Cue Function on both decks, which is a precise marker that you place at a certain time in an audio track so you can move around the track much faster than scrolling with the jog wheel.


With all its tight features and functionality the Mixtrack Pro II is not the world’s best selling DJ Controller for nought. Averaging in at +/- ZAR 3700.00 – we believe it is well priced to suit any burgeoning DJ. Checkout the Sound & Light City store in Carlton City or you can simply purchase online Here.