Four Decks of Control – Numark N4


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The Numark N4 provides the user with mainly two different software choices; the user can choose to either use Serato DJ Intro or the Virtual DJ Limited Edition software. Both softwares’ are included in the box when purchasing your Numark N4 DJ Controller.

Numark also offers its users free software updates, so if you had previous versions of Virtual DJ LE or Serato DJ Intro; check out the Virtual DJ LE Update here: You can also upgrade your version of Serato DJ Intro here: Always remember to check your systems requirement as these differ from PC to MAC.

The N4 offers DJ’s various way in which to set-up the deck for a live performance enabling you to achieve the best possible audio output quality. The controller offers its standard RCA master output as well as balanced left and right XLR master outputs for larger speaker systems that run on power amplification racks. They have also included a booth RCA output which can be used for on stage DJ monitoring.

Numark N4


Digital meets analog with the Numark N4, the controller expands the optional controls it offers users to choose from when playing with the DJ controller. It has included two decks namely; Deck 3 and Deck 4 to its internal built-in mixer. The user may make use of decks 3 and 4 with the Virtual DJ LE software, which enables the user to use all four decks through the controllers PC source. Alternatively, the user can assign external sources to decks 3 and 4 and connect CDJ’s or Turntables.

Assign the Line level input selection for use with CDJ’s and Mp3 players or assign the Phono level input selection which is best for use with turntables. Always remember to ground your turntables to the controller’s chassis by connecting them to the grounding lug found on the rear end of the controller.

If you perform as a DJ duo, the Numark N4 provides two headphone inputs a 1/8” and a ¼” headphone jack input allowing the pair to connect simultaneously to the controller for cue’ing during sets.



On the Numark N4 users can alternate between the effects, simply by holding down SHIFT button while moving one of the three parameter knobs/encoders located above the backlit effects pads. The parameter knob enables you to scrolling through the effects options until you reach your desired selection.

The user can assign one effect per pad; you can alternate between six different effect modes which include; a High-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser and an Echo effect.

The Echo effect mode can be manipulated with the fourth FX knob/encoder; which enables users to increase or decrease the time signature for this effects’ Beat Multiplier choosing from 1 of 10 values which range from 1/8 to 8/1.

Users can also find the Loop In, Loop Out and Reloop function pads on each deck, a forth pad enables the user to select [without the use of a mouse] either to view the elapsed time or the time remaining of a song that they are currently playing on the display.



The ability to record your mixes is something many bedroom and professional DJ’s take into serious consideration when purchasing new DJ controllers and equipment. The Numark N4 provides the user with two recording options, the first being through the RCA booth L/R output, which you can connect to an external recording device for analogue recording.

The second option is presented through the use of the Virtual DJ LE software; remember to set the controller to “USB IN REC” [found on the rear-panel]. This option sends audio to your PC automatically through the USB cable you using between your PC and the Numark N4. Simply open the record tab on Virtual DJ LE and hit record.


The Numark N4 presents the user with a great mobile DJ’ing experience and good value; with four decks of control it enables you to experiment with external sources such as MP3 players, CD’J’s, drum pads or turntables, allowing you to add panache to your set.

The Numark N4 DJ Controller averages in at about +/- ZAR 7075.00 depending on your retailer, you can purchase it here: Buy the Numark N4