BeoSound 5 Encore – Brace yourself…

BeoSound 5 Encore – the window to your digital music

With BeoSound 5 Encore, Bang & Olufsen presents a window to the world of music which offers great overview, an engaging user experience, and access to more than 13,000 internet radio stations, as well as the entire digital music collection.

Ever dreamed of not having to worry about where you left your favourite CD, or how to enjoy your favourite digital music on something other than inadequate PC loudspeakers? BeoSound 5 Encore is Bang & Olufsen’s plug-n-play answer to a growing demand in the era of digital music: to have all the music available at all times without losing the overview. Acting as an all-consuming sound hub, BeoSound 5 Encore gives access to your music – no matter how it is stored – with content conveniently arranged by album, artist, track or your favourites, and with everything instantly available, so you don’t have to search all over the house for that particular song that has come to your mind.

A rainbow of sources and genres

BeoSound 5 Encore offers easy access to more than 13,000 internet radio stations from all over the world, and with every thinkable genre and language represented, you will always be able to find something suitable, regardless of your crave. The quality of the stations is monitored and constantly updated automatically by Bang & Olufsen.

In addition to internet radio, BeoSound 5 Encore can browse and play music from a plethora of sources; a connected hard disc, a NAS server, a computer, a USB stick or a handheld device. And with support of music in lossless quality, it is possible to enjoy the full qualities of your favourite tracks.

So for those wanting to clean up the mess of a physical, CD-based music collection, BeoSound 5 Encore is an excellent and simple solution; just connect a pair of speakers, and you are ready to go. It works as your primary music system connected to the internet – either wired or wirelessly – with access to internet radio and music on a server or USB connected hard disc, but it also acts as an access point for your secondary music devices.

You can connect up to eight BeoSound 5 Encores to the same server, with the added benefit of being able to play different music content in different rooms at the same time. So no more quarrels with the family about what to listen to, and where; everyone can simultaneously enjoy their favourite tunes in the comfort of their own room, be it internet radio or digital music files, and the music is still stored in one place; the so-called multi-source functionality.

Re-inventing the wheel

BeoSound 5 Encore conveniently presents a rich choice of content in a well-organized way, appealing to those who desire simplicity and easy access. It is designed by Anders Hermansen, and visually it proudly displays its design heritage from BeoSound 5 with a unique mixture of mechanical tactile elements and a strong graphical expression.

With BeoSound 5 Encore, you will not be struggling with dirty fingerprints on the 10.4” full graphical display. Instead, you have a magical wheel that easily whizzes through even the greatest of music collections at the spin of a finger.

With a number of different options for wall, table or floor placement, BeoSound 5 Encore will easily fit in to any home decor, be it in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, or in multiple locations all over the house, acting as a window that allows you to access the music of your choice anywhere. Connection-wise BeoSound 5 Encore has been designed with permanent sockets hidden for concealed and elegant cabling, whereas sockets for temporary devices such as USB sticks, portable players or headphones are easily accessible below the display.

More convenience with MOTS

Being the intelligent playlist of the future, MOTS automatically generates a playlist when you access the content of a USB or WLAN/LAN connected device, leaving you with more time to rediscover the music collection, instead of manually having to select a number of tracks every time. It is a fast and convenient way to set the musical scene for let us say a dinner party or a laid-back evening on the couch, and if you fall in love with the playlist offered by MOTS, you just have to save the track you started with, and you can listen to the playlist whenever you please.

The patented MOTS algorithm, which was first introduced with BeoSound 5, is able to analyse the entire music collection, and continue to play music that is similar – but not identical – based on the selection of one track.