Bang & Olufsen


Bang & Olufsen’s latest range of in-ear headphones promise to be a great accessory that will enhance not only the music but also the entire experience. Bang & Olufsen is renowned for quality, style and comfort. Ear Set 3 is the latest introduction to the B&O clan, this ear piece has a built in micro phone and a 4 pole mini jack. The head set is not only designed to deliver spectacular sound but further more it is comfortable to the ear, neither sound nor quality is compromised.

Ear Set 3 lives up to the standard of it existing kin because it too brings forth acoustic brilliance, especially considering its size. It produces that same quality tone as that of much of larger speaker within the B&O family, reason being that the same technology used in the loud speakers is miniaturized in to the head set. The design allows you to hear sounds from the surrounding area- depending on the volume- without interfering with the quality. So you will not be entirely cut off from your surrounding.

Whilst enjoying any level of activity the head set will stay put and comfortable. This is because it adjusts to suit the shape and curves of any individuals’ ear. The built in microphone is attached to the wire. Brushed aluminium and soft touch rubber coating, these materials suggest quality and comfort backed by top design. These materials are light and robust, exactly what is expected of a head set.

Music that is playing in the head set is unaccompanied by noise that is associated with digital music. Reason being that there is a high signal-to-noise ratio, simply put, it means that the noise is almost entirely absent.