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I must admit, I am a bit distrustful of anyone who flippantly describes their music as Avant-Garde, forward thinking, futuristic, you know…. that type of thing.

After all, anyone nowadays with any music production software and a laptop can sit down and randomly play around with sound elements and call it music.

Also on this thought, Mike Huckaby’s principle has been my guiding premise when I approach any type of music and it still is, especially if it’s Deep House music I am listening to.

Yes, the House music landscape is muddled with imitators and wannabes. There is however a certain class of Producers/DJ’s and Composers who inimitably seek to stand out from this clutter.

These are the guys who create something that on the surface might seem incoherent to the casual listener, but it really isn’t. Something that true House music excavators would call a “real thing” that indefatigably seeks to convey meaning or elicit emotion with a non-standard musical vocabulary.

And it’s very exciting to come across this group of people who are passionate about their music output. Its people like Nuno De Mesquita (Nuno Estevez) and Miguel Pone (Mig Madiq) of Just Move Records that I’m talking about.

Since inception, Just Move Records has been growing from strength to strength and it’s because of a simple yet very perceptive vision – Quality not Quantity.

They strive to find the best in producers, actively seek young and talented artists who have a love for expressive music, filled with rhythm, originality, soul, passion and creativity.

Just Move Records – Discography:


Nuno Estevez & Tonic HD – Away EP


Thorne-Miller-Omnipotent - Just Move Records

Thorne Miller – Omnipotent EP



Pozzi – Strelitzia EP

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