Atal Music shows love to South African House music

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Atal Music’s principal aim is to release the finest and quality House Music from both established and up and coming artists. The driving force behind the label has a long and esteemed track record within the music industry stretching back to the 1980’s — with many esteemed artists calling the label as their home.

Here are some of the label’s releases from South African based artists:


Patrick Khuzwayo is one half of the talented Durban based production duo, Room 806. This time around he steps up with his latest solo offering ‘Listen To Your Mind Ft. L’t Adams’.

From the first beat you immediately get a feel of what influenced Khuzwayo’s production style, as the track is inherently deep. He lays down an up-tempo Jazz-infused foundation upon which the track is able to flourish. L’t Adams’ vocals on the track make for a super smooth listening experience.

Sultry piano keys lift the track to aid the bass line and together with the hypnotizing effects laced in abundance on the song, they caress your eardrums with the sweet sounds of a quality production. It has something for the soulful lover; deep groove chaser as well as those that appreciate quality music. It’s a well-rounded, mature package.


C-Major is another young producer rolling off the conveyor belt of the Durban deep House scene in the South Africa. He’s definitely flying the Durban flag with his EP titled “Another Level”.

Opening the proceedings on the EP is a C-Major’s Dub Mix”; a deep, synth-driven trip down a darker road with accentuating percussive cues. It draws you in and grows on you the more you listen to it.

The “Original Mix” on the other hand has a very inviting drum sequence to get both feet tapping and heads bopping. It keeps you flowing along the same deep path whilst allowing the vocals to shine through to light up the track even further.

On remix duty, Room 806 lay down the “Deep Journey Mix”. The vocals are again brought to the fore on this mix and the fuller sounds of the drums on this one make for a more melodic listening experience.

The “Sacred Soul Mix” takes the track in a different direction cascading dream-like effects while ‘Ocean Deep’s mix fades the vocals completely leaving the instrumentals to do the hard work of getting you down and dirty on the dance floor.

Atal Music scores big again with another seriously beautiful release; “Another Level” is all things good in House music right now. All the mixes stand strong on their own and the one that’s doing it for me is the ‘Room 806 Deep Journey Mix’. This package is a must have for any who likes it deep and straight from the Motherland.

Alton Miller – August 2013

The Rejected Touch - You Are The One

The Rejected Touch duo is made of two former members of Room 806: Makabongwe Mbuli and Philani Zuma. In August 2013 they joined forces to form The Rejected Touch.

They strictly focus on nothing but music production. Their mix of software instruments with live keyboard sounds creates a unique sound.

‘You Are The One’ is the first product of this collaboration – South African beats meet American Blues inspired vocals to create a most unique release.

EP Reviews by: Julian ‘Julz’ Greene