Welcom To Madina

Welcome to Medina is the international debut studio album by Danish-Chilean electropop/dance singer Medina known for her classic vocal on “You And I” which was remixed by Deadmau5 . Interestingly, this entire album was translated from Danish to English to broaden the appeal to the international music market.

Medina’s voice leaves goosebumps on my back, her lyrics and choice of word translates her thoughts and feelings clearly allowing one to relate to and understand the message potrayed. Each song on the album has its unique personality – a Madina creative experience, hence the album was titled Welcome to Medina.

It is a dance album after all and guaranteed it will get you moving and grooving. The production is immaculate, it also characteristic sounds of dance touch. Keep an ear out for the original and acoustic version of “You and I”, “Gutter” and “Selfish” are also tracks that one should be mindful of.