J.Cub – Un Solo EP (Seamless Recordings)

Un Solo - Seamless Deep

Artist: J.Cub
Title: Un Solo EP
Label: Seamless Recordings
Remixed by: Rob Mello
Genre: Deep House

As the label name suggests, J.Cub’s (Jacob Kelly) newest offering on Seamless Recordings is a smooth, no frills and no fuss delivery of quality deep grooves for the avid House head and general hip mover alike.

With his roots firmly entrenched in the Underground Deep House scene and with over 20 years experience in the industry, Kelly’s eclectic tastes and deeper sounds have been moulded into a solid and trustworthy package, his latest recording, “Un Solo Ep”.

The “Original Mix” gets the ball rolling and is a real treat. The beat and groove of the track grow on you as it progresses to eventually engulf your auditory senses in a deep space before you’re jacked up by the drums as well as it’s vocal sample. No flash, no glam, just pure Deep House.

London based Rob Mello, does not disappoint either with his interpretations of the track. His “No Ears Mix” bears testament to his equally eclectic and extensive experience as well.

It provides us with a well-rounded rendition of the track that will amplify its appeal to all listeners. The bass levels are turned up on this one, coupled with the super synths and perfectly timed percussion kicks all fused together to make for a fine tune for those opening sets.

Mello’s “No Ears FX Mix” pulls in the opposite direction somewhat. It’s raunchier bass line and drumbeat drop you down a few a notch or two into a deeper sphere littered with well-timed effects and a darker yet insatiable groove.

This is the antithesis of the previous track and is tailor-made for a spot in your late night set.

We sound out the EP with the “DJ Dub Tool You Mix” that carries a heavier groove and bass line, stripped of all the extra trimmings of the other mixes. The vocal sample paired with these makes for a healthy serving of the more hypnotic type.

Seamless Recordings and J.Cub deliver a solid piece of work here. Keep a lookout for these deep sounds coming your way.