Stereo Candi 5 Mixed by DJ Claude

Now as we are getting ready to pack away our thick and chunky knits into the back of the wardrobe and make space for our new summer outfits, we need to make some space on the cd shelf aswell. Why? Because DJ Claude has released a milestone 5th edition of the epic Stereo Candi Sessions. Now I’m not a DJ nor am I a writer of any sort but when I heard this album I had to share with all the house junkies on Houseonmag.

This album is just rich with flavor from the tracks that were selected. With the likes of Charles Webster, Atjazz, Imaani and The Layabouts featuring in the compliation – im certain it will get you tapping your feet and dancing the night away.

The mood is set with Nature Love “Turn Me Around”, Rancido “Brighter Days” and Mdcl featuring Oversoul “Feels Like Home”. We then travel deep into the abyss and discover the art of house music by listening to tracks by Atjazz “For Real”, Imaani “Found My Light”. Now I’m pretty sure that you’re sweating and you getting more and more excited to hear what is still to come. “I Love The Night” by Rocco and Robert Walker is sure to start the house on fire and a personal favorite the Infinite Boys remix of “Hung Up On You” by Nastee Nev is sure to turn the house into ashes. The original version of ‘The Ghetto” by Jerah and Claude was probably for me the surprise in this package because of the astounding musicality in the production.

I’m happy to say that this album will be in my playlist this summer, alongside the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions that I have in my collection. This is one for the purists, the mvps and true fans of deep house music! A big up to DJ Claude (the mixmaster himself) and the Soul Candi clan for bringing us the good music.

  • vusi

    Nice one Bantwana

  • Yoo bra,this sound like a lovely one ,cant wait to hear the whole disc.wishing u all the best Tule.Nkateko{Cuz}