Selektor Series – Pretoria Edition (Soul Candi)

Selektor Series Cover.edit

Title Selektor Series – Pretoria Edition
Selektors Funk DeepStar, Miggs Foreal & Malankane
Label Soul Candi (South Africa)
Genre House

The Selektor Series – Pretoria Edition, is Soul Candi’s latest compilation project, mixed by Urban House DJs Funk Deepstar, Miggs Foreal and Malankane.

The ‘Selektors’ are disk jogglers who are ahead of the trends and influence the upcoming sounds – they know what will be big. Soul Candi has decided to make each album specific to DJs from one city – really creating a unique style for every edition. Released in the Winter of 2014 this compilation seeks to uncover and explore the deep and soulful attributes of each ‘Selektor’.

“I have worked with all 3 DJ’s on a few of their previous albums and having all 3 of them together on 1 disc representing the sound that’s from their hometown is really a special thing.” Allan Nicol – Soul Candi, Label Manager2014.

DISK 1 – mixed by one of Polokwanes most unapologetic Deep House exports, in DJ and Ambassador of CIPO & Baxx apparel; Funk DeepStar. He takes a deeper discourse with an offering from D-Malice and Jonny Miller who feature Sabrina Chyld on “Let It Flow”. His abilities stretch beyond the decks as he showcases his studio abilities as he teams up with Toxic and Denny to deliver on “Hey Love”.

He also cues in Da Capo’s Surreal Experience Mix of Charles Websters “Learning To Love Me” featuring Diviniti while Roque gives us “Spirit Speak”. Essenital-i of the Nativeroots Deep House duo features Samantha Faison on “Directions” as Funk introduces a Jazzy and soulful constitute to his selection with ‘Memories Of You’ by Tekniq and Blacky’s deep progression in “Dancing With The Piano” before winding us down with Cool Jive and Mapz “Que Le Jazz”.

DISK 2 – Miggs Foreal, famously know for his Deep and Soulful Foreal House Compilation Series. The first beat off his selection is from Odd Xperience with a project titled “Tronika” featuring vocalist Siya. On track 3 he factors in Bloemfonteins deep house collective Pozzi with their Sax riddled offering titled “New Heights”.

Italian house trio Dolls Combers feature renowned trumpeter and vocalist Kafele Bandele on a smooth and soul-filled supreme vocal mix “A Star Supreme”, while Odd Xperience make their second appearance in the mix with a relentless “Read My Lips” offering, this deep cut is indeed one for the floor. Miggs closes his selection with a Andre Lodemann remix of “I See You” originally by Cuebur and Vikter Duplaix.

DISK 3 – Compiled by Malankane of House Blendz, his no stranger to PTA’s massives having featured at local Deep House havens House 22 and Sunnysides Industrial Chisanyama time and again.

His first inclusion is a tricky “Overstanding” by Luka who features the mesmerizing vocal house diva Jaidene Veda who is well renowned for featuring on releases like “Nature Boy”, “Sunday” and “Do It For Love” with Ralf GUM.

She delivers yet again with her seductive, sultry and captivating voice – what a gift… Cuebur drops in one time with Ultra Tones Rona Ray on a Jonny Miller remix of “Keep Me” as it gets deeper.

Track 4 is by Yoruba High-Priest Osunlade “Human Beings” remixed by Atjazz of ARCO its always special when these two producers collaborate. Another musical collaboration takes place between Soul Candi’s DJ Whiskey, Jonny Miller (UK) and soulful house sensation Zaki Ibrahim on “Lost It All” – one can’t help but get lost in this groove.

Meisha Moore comes to the fold with a piano ridden “Kiss You All Over” remixed by Luka Dave. The last title on this epic compilation is another offering with Da Capo’s special Touch to it “Motherland” originally by D-Malice and Daimondancer.

Editor’s Sidenote: You can get your copy at any leading retailer or by checking out the Soul Candi iTunes homepage.

  • Pitso

    What an awesome compilation, I got my copy last year, a few weeks after it reached the stores. Till today I play it over and over again, I love all 3 discs. Nice work guys, I can’t wait to get my copy of the Limpopo Edition hey