Searching For Love EP – Nuno (SEA)

Searching For Love EP - Nuno (SEA)

Artist: Nuno (SEA)
EP/Album: Searching For Love EP
Label: Something Different Records
Genre: Soulful House/Deep House

Are you searching for that perfect winter warm-up tune to lead you into next season? Look no further. Nuno (SEA) serves up a hot package on Something Different Records that will keep the fire burning in your soul.

The ‘Original Mix’, is a Soulful House number infused with hints of Jazz, seasoned with a melodic vocal that is call for all those with a taste for something soulful. The track is further accentuated by an equally soothing bass line, gentle percussions and well-measured doses of acoustic mastery that cook up a joint that’ll keep your simmering.

Junior Gee’s rendition of the track shifts up a gear and takes you down a darker path. The glossy soulfulness of the original mix is peeled away by the deeper vibe that is set up by the vocal loop. It grows on you and pulls you deeper into its dungeon of tech-laden mystery. The remix can easily form part of the Deep Tech DJ’s opening set arsenal.

Terry Grant’s remix will leave Deep House heads grinning with a sense of glee. His thicker bass lines on the track, hit harder and fuller, while caressing you at the same time with the aforementioned soulful trinity of keys, guitar licks and vocals. It has all the ingredients for a dance floor delirium-inducing effect. You have been warned.

Nuno, rounds off the EP with a lighter ‘Stripped Back for Ibiza Mix’. Think cocktails, sunsets in the summer, absolutely no worries in the world, then this is the soundtrack to that scene with its minimal feel and acoustically-heavy groove that will ease you into your evening.

Editor’s Sidenote: The EP oozes quality production; it’s a quality package that will leave your soul satisfied in its search for love.