Rudi Botha – Blue EP – Friday Fox Recordings

Friday Fox Recordings - Rudi Botha - Blue EP

Artist: Rudi Botha
Title: Blue EP
Label: Friday Fox Recordings
Genre: House / Deep / Ambient

Friday Fox Recordings have spread their international wings to South Africa by signing up South Africa’s Rudi Botha to the camp with his laid back 4 track, ‘Blue EP‘, drenched in organic, deep and jazzy vibes.

Rudi is a young new producer talent to emerge from the vibrant Jo’burg scene and just starting out on his musical journey. ‘Blue EP’ is his debut release on the UK based label Friday Fox Recordings

He is a massive House music fan. He came across Christian & Lavvy’s ‘Thank You’ release and sent off some demo’s for A&R consideration.’ Blue EP’ is the first of many possible releases to come for the label as FFR develop their new found talent. ”

“I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life… I would love to see the road music takes me on.”Rudi Botha, November 2014

The title track ‘Blue’ sees label crew Christian B & Lavvy Levan add their FF magic, creating a cool UK style Deep House groove, teased with hypnotic vocal hooks and a killer bass to compliment Rudi’s delicious orchestration.

‘City Jazz’ is a minimal stripped down outing, nicely chilled with laid back soothing keys.

Sultry and melancholic are the best words to describe ‘Downtown Deep’s fusion of Jazz and Deep House, with its contrasting pads, sax and brooding hypnotic bass.

Theatrical’ is an experimental number made up of freestyle breezy vibes, contrasted with a darker minimal electronic groove.

Editors Sidenote: Rudi Botha ‘Blue EP’ will be released December 1st 2014 on Friday Fox Recordings