Roland Nights feat.Mr.V – Til The Morning EP

Roland Nights - Til the Morning EP
Roland Nights
Title: Til the Morning EP
Remixes:  Mr. V
Label: Lost My Dog Records
Genre: Deep House

The word ‘classic’ is sometimes loosely thrown around in the House music circles. The sounds however put together by InnerCity Records label head Danny Stott aka Roland Nights on his latest EP ‘Til the Morning’ are no short of the genre’s ‘golden days’ whilst equally finding a home in the underground scene of today.

Night’s lays down three Deep House cuts that surely live up to the quality of his previous body of work. The title track, ‘Til the Morning has a nostalgic vibe with a fresh twist of a Chicago classic Deep House groove.

The progression culminates with the vocal samples as it builds to its climax, the lush keys and the aforementioned groove make for some solid sounds.

One of New York’s Finest, Mr. V is on remix duty on this one. He ‘ups the ante’ by layering a sax sample on the beat that sees you reaching for the heavens on the dance floor.

His mix is a much fuller sound an uplifting rendition for a serious House-groove craving creature in all of us. An absolute must have for purveyors of Deep House and my personal favourite.

‘Vision’ shows Nights’ penchant for the sound of piano keys and soulfully charged samples. A sign of a producer schooled in the vintage Deep House sound. The track is a late night set’s best friend in the making.

Breezin’, stems from a similar DNA structure as the preceding tracks on the EP with samples that pull and tug at you with every loop. The tempo is less in-your-face with a bass line and groove geared for summer/beach vibes that will seamlessly fit into most sets and compilations of this kind.