Music Review: John-Carol feat. Gisela Gold – Just Saying – Peng Africa

John-Carol feat Gisela Gold - Just Saying

Artists: John Carol feat. Gisela Gold
Title: Just Saying
Remixes: Blackjean, Kevin Visto, Lele X, Lilac Jeans
Label: Peng Africa
Genre: Deep/Soulful House

John-Carol Bukenya’s original mix has a refreshingly hip deep soulful sound which had my feet tapping instantaneously the first time I heard it. The classy production slowly opens the curtain for the sweet sound of Gisela Gold’s voice that takes you on a blissful journey.

I couldn’t help but notice the soothing innocence in her voice as it adds a pure soulful element to the track. Bukenya’s production talents also shine through with a perfectly crafted piano-laced rhythm that I’m certain will be well received by the throngs of Deep/Soulful House fans out there.

‘Blackjean’s Vocal Mix‘ is a hypnotic deep minimal rendition that shifts the focus purely to the vocal talents of Gold, ably assisted by the percussive sounds of the beat. This one is definitely tailor made for those late Sunday afternoon chill sessions.

‘DJ Fales Stones Dub’ also puts a strong focus on the track’s vocals but with a more musical, astute sound that sets up a fresh melodic ambient trip. It’ll go down well with Downtempo/Lounge enthusiasts.

‘The Kevin Visto’ remix stays true to the quality sound that Peng Records are known for. Visto’s mix is a smooth, groovy rhythm combining gracefully with Gold’s voice. The drum beat is worthy of a warm up set or a lazy day with friends.

‘The Lele X Jazz Chillout mix’ has some very groovy elements on the track and puts a beautiful spin on the song for those with like it laid back. The minimal instrumentals on this mix and vocals combine to provide a hypnotizing aura for all fans of lounge to sit back and enjoy

Lilac Jeans Vocal Soul’ remix is the undeniable gem on this EP. The remix has an old school rhythm reminiscent of many Deep House classics of the past decade and conjures up an emotive and groove-laden feeling inside when listening to it.

The track is food for the soul and is sure to keep its fair share of dance floors filling up. This is definitely a personal favourite of mine and gets my vote as one to look out for in the near future.

REVIEW: Julian Julz Green


  • Sandile

    Absolutely love this song. nicely made. and soon to be a classic. what more can i say, but keep up the great work via PENG records.

  • Lalent Chiro

    Really good track. Can’t wait to hear more. I like this John Carol cause he works with a lot of different artists and has a very unique different sound. Can’t wait to hear what he and other artists have cooked up for us in the future. Is John Carol signed with Peng Africa?

  • Mr Mister

    He Needs to be signed!
    Check out his Soundcloud page if you haven’t already…

  • Beeg on house

    My friends and I can’t get this song out of our heads. Gisela’s Golden voice just adds such a cool vibe to this song. We’ve played this EP on everyday of the week, both just chilling and partying and it never dissapoints.

    I must say the whole EP is refreshing. My fav has to be the original, mainly because it has elements in it that draw the audiences who are not really into deep soulful house into this genre, by combining elements that allow for this, 2nd has definitely got to be the Lilac jeans mix. I really like how the different producers on this EP interpreted the song in their own unique way, as each remix is so unique to the next.

    Can’t wait to hear more from these guys. Also hoping that a video can be made as it will really take it to new levels globally.

    Much love to Peng Africa for this release.