Review: Deep. (Germany) – Various Artists – One

Deep.Label - Germany

For their 1st anniversary, young independent German label Deep. have collected some exclusives from their exciting, burgeoning and aspiring young label artists. They celebrate with an aptly titled release ‘One EP’ release.

The EP demonstrates a diversity of styles in which the label represents. It kicks off with “Forever”, an atmospheric yet moody track by Amsterdam’s David Labeij. The track plods along with a deep rolling bass line accompanied with an array of haunting and psychedelic sounds but does little to inspire or capture the imagination of the listener.

The dance-ability levels however are turned up with the next track on the EP, “Irie” by German duo Jayden San and Mathilda Leek. It’s a distinctively European sounding Nu-disco track with a solid funky bass line!

‘Freedom Is’ by Paxton Fettel on the other hand is a stands out on the EP. It’s a playfully infectious down-tempo track with some cool piano stabs. There are some trickles of sounds you would find in Jazz and Hip Hop leading to a subtle vocal in the latter part of the track.

One thing though…. (Perhaps it’s meant to play out the way it does but) I feel it ends abruptly, just as you are getting into it. It’s a good effort nonetheless.

Closing the EP is “Love From Another Woman” by Danish producer, Calvera. It’s a simple old school sounding House track with deep pumping beats and soulful chords. The track is strewn with a variety of classic vocal samples which are somewhat overdone and end up cluttering the track.

Overall, ‘One EP’ is an average release with somewhat little to shout about.

Review: Darren Rose

(Editors Note: I  really enjoy and like the label’s attitude however would like to see more textured exploration in the music and some in-depth enterprise from the artists).