Soulful People (Muffin Avenue Music) 3 Disc Compilation


Artists: Spinna Project, Iklwa Brothers, Edground
Title: Soulful People (3 Disc Compilation)
Label: Muffin Avenue Music
Genre: Soulful House, House Music

After the release  of the compilation “Soulful People” in May 2012 – it has catapulted and gained traction in market in a big way. Spinna Project, Iklwa Brothers and Edground teamed up to create “Soulful People” – a  3CD compilation of the best Soulful House.

DISC ONE: Mixed by Spinna Project

Spinna Project understands the concept of ‘soft on the ear’ very well. He allows you to walk through a garden of wonderful emotions of vocally well written music like “You and Me, Blind Faith, Waiting For A Superstar” amongst others.

DISC TWO: Mixed by The Iklwa Brothers

It’s arguably the most progressive disc of the compilation and will get any party moving with tracks by African Queen, Vulani and Submission.

DISC THREE: Mixed by Edground (Brazilian Soul Crew Member)

Disc 3 gets you to an amazing factory of Soul, Deep and Vocal music, with club anthems like “People Dancing, Going Nowhere, So lonely” among others.

With some innovative floor fillers, raw samples, bare knuckled compositions with tender melodies and powerful vocal arrangements, SOULFUL PEOPLE the compilation turned a very risky undertaking [of a new record label] into an artistic triumph that critics are calling “The biggest album a new comer has ever done”.