Spring Moods – DeepWit Recordings

DeepWit Records  - Spring Moods

Artist:Various Artists

Title: Spring Mood

Label: Deepwit Recordings

Genre: Lounge/ Deep House

On their 3rd offering DeepWit Recordings has continued to refine their easy, sun-kissed blend of smooth, deep and loungy cuts.

‘Spring Moods’, the label’s seasonal compilation features five of their favourite upcoming artists – leading you on a journey of what spring, has to offer with their Deep sounds.

Collectively, the mixes take you from the bedroom to boutique, to brunch, to a high end cocktail party and back to the bedroom.

Ev Darko kicks off the release with “Dancing in the Dark“, a track with a slightly darker feel that works its way into what the beginning of this time of year feels like.

Next up is dEEPoints “Magic N”, a refreshing track indicative of warm spring showers that’ll leave you craving more of the classic Deep House feel.

A stand out track for me is Jonny Bee’s “I Need You”, another classy warm and vibrant track which reflects the beauty and pleasure of new beginnings.

Like their previous compilations, Spring Moods pulsates with optimism and energy making for another unapologetically smooth and breezy winner.

It embodies the best of Lounge, Deep House and what spring offers all of us, a new beginning, a fresh start and the deep beauty that keeps us going.

  • plankton

    Thats good stuff there, its my first time hearing of deepwit, nice