Silent Home EP – DeepWit Uncovered

Silent Homes EP - DeepWit Uncovered

Artists: Autumn Park & Hammez

Remixes: Ivan Garci & Soulight

Title: Silent Home EP

Style: Deep House, Tech House

Label: DeepWit Uncovered

Format: Digital Download…

Welcome to the deep underground! Autumn Park’s ‘Silent Person’ is an epic track. So simple but with the right choice of samples and effects he has created a dance floor destroyer. It thumps, it rumbles, it harmonises, it tickles me in my tickle places. Goosebumps…check!

The remix by Ivan Garci adds some Tech House percussion elements but I think he loses some of the original’s appeal by softening the kick drum. Make it punch brother!

Still he’s evolved the melody quite a bit and his synth work is top notch. I gave it a couple more listens and I changed my mind. This track rocks!

Mom’s Home by Hammez is a chugging Deep House track with loads of Tech House influences. The genres are come together here in a solid production.

There vocal suits the music to a Mr. T. It’s good…trust. Makes me wish I wasn’t so focused on my Tech at the moment. This track has inspired me. Big up Hammez!

Coming after an original like that is a tough act to follow. Soulight has put out a beautiful Deep House remix here and it’s a pity he’s overshadowed in my mind, by the other productions. Just a wee bit mate, have no worries.

So I just got back from doing some House disciple work in the Sea Point (Cape Town) area (Read: windows open, music blaring) and the winners are:

Bassline: Ivan Garci

Percussion: Autumn Park

Groove: Hammez

Beauty: Soulight

So diplomatic, everyone wins…

Michael Baker