Music Review: MissOless feat L.S. Brigandes – You Are So Fine/Broken Team

MissOless - Manyvibes - So Broken

Artist: Missoless feat. L.S. Brigandes
Title: You Are So Fine / Broken Team
Remixes: Nassau Ghetto Freaks, Kira Neris & Laurent Coma
Label: Manyvibes Music
Genre: Broken Beats

After hearing MissOless’s stunning remix of Stan Smith’s ‘Disco Technic’ [Tokyo Dawn Records]; I was convinced that her dexterity on this track was just a teaser of big things to come.

Presenting her brand new EP comprising of two ‘Broken Beats’ original tracks ‘You Are So Fine’ and ‘Broken Team’ with remixes of each track proves once more of Manyvibe Music’s smart high quality urban sounds.

You Are So Fine [Original Mix] has a sophisticated rhythm with a pumping bassline. Vocals are rendered smoothly by New York’s Miss MC L.S. Brigandes and sensual backing vocals by MissOless stand out nicely on the chorus. A cool saxophone solo adds some ‘funky soul’ in the track, followed by a shining bridge leading to a last powerful chorus.

The Nassau Ghetto Freaks remix is a Disco-funk Old School version tribute to the best of the 80’s happy dance-floor productions. It has a double bass background backed by rich pads and some dubby FX’s on voices. The rhythm is hypnotic in a ‘Swing’ kinda way with a dreamy bridge. It’s a good fusion of the 80’s ‘disco funk’ with a touch of love from saxophone ace Fabrice ‘Madsax’ Lauer.

‘Broken Team’ [Original Track]; on the other hand straddles happily on the scruffy edginess of ‘broken beats’ with shimmering sensuality trickled over it. The wicked syncopated XXL bass is a punctuating dance-floor ripper! The vocals by MissOless are absolutely stunning.

Kira Neris & Laurent Comas remix is a fully reshaped version with a cool ‘electro synth’ hook. It’s somewhat of a reference to the 90’s dark and captivating House that will put a smile on your dial.