Missoless feat. Bluesmith

Missoless ft. BlueSmith-Sex Crime-DJ Rork Remix

Artist: Missoless feat. Bluesmith

Title: Sex Crime

Remixes: DJ Rork

Label: Manyvibes Music

Genre: House, Soulful House music, Vocal House

Format: Digital Download

Good Soulful vocal House music is not produced exclusively in the UK or US; contrast to a widely held and popular belief. If you take time to search wide enough for good music you realise that the vibrancy actually exists in the periphery of any much heralded music genre’s epicentre.

ManyVibes Music; I first came to know about this label through Dave Maslo & Che Cherry while on their tour of Europe. I’ve subsequently made it my task to explore further about it.

It’s an eclectic label whose founder [Missoles] take much enjoyment in pushing back geographical and stylistic music boundaries – the outcome of which becomes an ingenious synthesis of various music palettes that create a strong music identity.

The identity this time comes in a form of their awesome brand new release titled ‘Sex Crime’. Two original tracks [with radio edits] and great remixes of both tracks.

‘Sex Crime’ [original mix] is a sophisticated dancefloor groover with beautiful harmonies, nice lyrics and well rendered vocals by BlueSmith.

It has a brilliant chorus with a suspenseful and dreamy bridge. The track actually goes down quite well both in a lounge mood and as a dancefloor filler.

DJ Rork’s remix offers a somewhat different interpretation. His version does not entirely deviate from the original mix but has that feel good ‘clap your hands’ type of vibe to it.

‘Love That Satisfies [original mix] is again another funky, happy track with nice vocals. This time however it is complimented by some punchy horns and a sax solo by Madsax.

The Electro Deep mix; here Missoless revisits her own composition and presents it with an absolutely different spirit when compared to the original.

She reshapes the rhythm to a new Electro touch dimension, with profoundly low frequencies and a bit nervous synth riff.

I’m quite excited and look forward to more from this label, it’ll be an enjoyable ride.