Music Review: Joshua Iz – The Figure EP

JoshuaIz -TheFigure - DreamInAudio

Artist: Joshua Iz

Title: The Figure

Label: Dream in Audio (USA)

Genre: Deep House, Tech House

Format: Available on Vinyl & Digital downloads….

I don’t claim to be an expert in House music; as I always tell people. I am however a very enthusiastic observer of the genre, I add. The term ‘seminal’; I find that it gets used quite liberally and sometimes in wrong contexts in House music circles these days.

With that said, I do however unreservedly believe that for Joshua Iz it’s a very much fitting accolade.

When this EP landed on my radar, I had an immediate affinity to it; considering that it is highly influenced by the late 90’s sound of Deep/Tech House from Chicago and San Francisco.

I’m personally very fond of that time, purely because [after a long time consuming a wide mismatched variety of dance music] that is the time a ‘sonic mapping’ of my dance music understanding was completed.

And guess who opened the door to let me into the Deep/Tech ‘house’….Joshua Iz.

Anyway, there are two tracks are on the EP ‘The Figure’ and ‘What U Like’ [clocking at a full 10 minutes…pure bliss].

‘The Figure’ is a hard hitting cut that is all Chitown, while ‘What U Like’ my favourite out of the two has a melodic edge to it – perfect for a Deep Techy ‘peak time’ hour.