Jesus Pablo – The F Word EP Headtunes

Jesus Pablo - The F Word  - Headtunes

Artist: Jesus Pablo

Remixes: Tony S, Tom Lown & Robot Need Oil

Title: The F Word

Label: Headtunes

Format: Digital downloads…

I often spend time with a lot of DJ’s at parties and clubs. I also happen to work with a few of them during their, trust me, very glamorous 9 – 5 gigs. Having spent more time in front of the speakers and not behind the decks, I always have a one burning question that I ask all of them.

“When you’re busy chilling behind the PC late at night, trawling the internet for tunes to add to your record collection. What seals the deal for you? What criteria do you use to pick that one club banger? ”

If you have ever considered being a DJ, I urge you to ask that very same question, verbatim. Not for the pearls of wisdom you will gain from the answers most DJ’s give. Rather, ask for the general look of mystification you’ll get once the question is heard.

The general consensus is that it’s all about feeling. If you’re behind a PC at 1am and you are going through some new songs. It should take less than 90 seconds to be sold.

Hearing ‘The F Word’ was a bit of a religious experience for me. Deep House is always about feeling and house music more than any other genre is meant to transport you to that happy place, where The Care Bears and My Little Pony are neighbours. Albeit it lumo spraying bears and ponies…

The original mix is laid back, which is something you will come to expect with most EP releases. That is why you would usually skip straight to the remixes for most releases. The original always serves as a point of departure for more manic tweakers to go to town on an already sweet track.

The Robot Needs Oil remix is the radio friendly track, And If you reside south of the Equator you’ve heard the old school techno inspired beat on youth radio stations across Gauteng [South Africa].

The real stand out remix is the Tony S remix. There is something enticing about the echoing vocals and that snare. The song played on repeat for half an hour before I remembered that there were 2 other tracks on the list.

The Tom Lown remix was the added sweetener. The original mix by Jesus introduced the church service and set the tone for the sermon. The edgy throwback from Robot Need Oil takes everyone back, reminding them of dance floors before and of the sins committed against revelry, by working a 9 – 5 work week.

The spiritual chorus from Tony S lifts the spirits of the congregation. The Tom Lown remix sends everyone home after healing, with a sweet reminder of the service coming next week Friday!

The F Word is all about ‘that feeling’ on a Friday.

Must Buy… Must Listen… Must Dance to!

Review: Sly Creative Lab


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