Music Review: Jaidene Veda – Healing EP

Jaidene Veda - Healing

Artist: Jaidene Veda

Producers:Pete Mo (The Rurals), Victor Undergroundvibe & Mica Lukasewich

Title: Healing

Label: DeepWit Recordings

Genre: Deep House, Downtempo, Electronic

Format:  Available on Digital downloads….

I’m almost certain by now that any astute Soulful/Deep House producer that’s worth their title will attest to the fact that if you are looking to add some sexy sophistication, graceful-like vocal performance on a project; you look no further than Canadian songstress Jaidene Veda.

After all; it’s her heart and flawless, ultra-smooth voice that is poured onto a song. What more could you ask for.

Taken from her remixed anniversary album ‘Pisces Pendulum’; the EP comprises of two nicely done remixes of her track ‘Healing’.

She enlists some ‘sonic dexterity’ of Pete Mo [The Rurals], Victor Undergroundvibe and Mica Lukasewich to encapsulate that soulful, seductive atmospheric vibe perfect for a late night rendezvous.

The album itself [Pisces Pendulum] is infused with an equal measure of some ‘soulful downtempo delights’ of which Jaidene in a main proponent, amongst various talented contributing artists and producers.

As she humbly says, ‘It takes an army of ears and eyes to move an indie album; I’m truly honored to collaborate with all of you”.

‘Healing’ is a tasty slice of Deep-tinged soulful House music that tickles with delicate finesse and shimmers with soulful notes.


  • Michael Tavares

    Jai’s vocals are as smooth as wet glass! Pete is a musical genius!