BlackJean & Kevin Visto – Keep On Dancing – Peng Africa


Artist: Blackjean & Kevin Visto Feat. Austin

Remixes: Deemac, Kat La Kat, Toxic, Snowdeep

Title: Keep on Dancing

Label: Peng Africa

Format: Digital downloads…

Picture yourself on a Friday night after long hours at the office. You are looking forward to celebrating your freedom with your mates at your favourite hangout joint.

As you arrive, you immediately bask in the euphoria of good music and excellent company. Suddenly you stop! Yes you just stop! You stop for a second to listen to this magical voice in the background with a deep thumping beat.

It’s subtle in its rhythm but has a totally powerful delivery. It’s clean, excellent arrangement and sophisticated production.

My friend this is none other but our very own home grown Blackjean & Kevin feat Austin T on vocals bringing you ‘Keep on Dancing’.

Peng Africa in their 7th release promise to bring a rich array of carefully composed, carefully produced songs.

This is future classic and you should get it onto your collection.

I look forward to more of their rich taste in Deep House music from the motherland.



  • w/ Blackjean you can expect a Deeper Musical Signature of a Deep House!!