Kojo Akusa – Hey (The Remixes) – Peng Africa

Kojo Akusa - Hey (The Remixes)

Artist: Kojo Akusa
Title: Hey (The Remixes)
Remixes: Da Capo, Lele X, Soul Secured, Beat Rebels, Moncless & Slezz & Posh
Label: Peng Africa
Genre: Deep House/Afro Deep House

Kojo Akusa, is known for his stellar work on remix duties under both Digi Peng & Peng Africa labels. For this EP, he’s however handed over the reins to some notable SA House music scene, each offering their unique tastes.

First up is the Beat Rebel Restyle. It’s a smooth remix with an inherently deep texture solidified by a soulfully hypnotizing vocal sample. Its alluring synths, seductive bass line and melodic drums combine for a medley of grooves that radiate a slightly unorthodox jazzier feel to the track. It’s truly deep but it’ll get you moving.

Not to be outdone, South Africa’s rising star, Da Capo, laces his version of the track with an infusion of Afro Deep/Minimal mastery. His signature sound explodes through in a low tempo affair. It’s polished to a shine with a deep techy sound that compliments the clever drum sequence.

LeLe X sets up a more ambient atmosphere accentuated by a slightly lush percussive feel with his ‘Broken Reprise Mix’. ‘Tribe Remix’ on the other hand [by Lele X] maintains that deep groove tip and goes deeper with a banging drum beat aided by tribal-influenced instrumental that will have you calling out for your ancestors on the dance floor.

Monocles and Slezz do what they do best on their renditions of the track. Their ‘Broken Beat Mix’ peels away the layers and chills you out with a warm, mellowing rhythm for those laid-back sessions.

Their ‘Jungle Mix’ [also by Monocless & Slezz] steps it up with some delightful percussion infused sounds that serenade the already seductive groove of the beats, that has summer nights written all over it.

The ‘Posh Remix’ and ‘Soul Secured Remix’ are also worthy of a mention for the notable remix work done here. The former, a minimal, deep tech-laden mix with a dark polished appeal whilst the latter is jazz-inspired chilled out groove for the lounge enthusiasts.

It’s hard to single out a stand out remix on this EP, due to the overall quality of the productions but make sure you add this one to your collection.