Jonbjorn – All The Way – DeepWit Recordings

Jonbjorn - All The Way - DeepWit Recordings

Artist: Jonbjorn
Title: All The Way
Label: DeepWit Recordings
Genre: Deep House Music

“All The Way” is the latest single on DeepWit Recordings from Jonbjorn, one of the artists behind Iceland’s stand out label, Lagaffe Tales.

A talented producer with a knack for simple hooks that make several ‘repeat’ listens a must. He simply crafts an all-too-rare these-days ear worm that leaves an insatiable hunger for more. It is warm, skittery with a fat kick and equally heavyweight sub bass.

Increasing the heat is an inextinguishable rework by Junktion who delivers pure one-man-disco-band fire. From bouncing between his label Outplay, various appearances on vinyl imprints and an outstandingly deep sound, this Dutchman shows a massive amount of poise with a remix whose quality can’t be over-exaggerated.

To round out the single off, Lagaffe Tales’ other half, Viktor Birgiss, shapes the original into its most housey form yet with an addictive, dance-friendly and melodically moving piece of ice capped bliss.

With this release, DeepWit has again put its foot down on what the label thinks Deep House should be – all in pursuit of quality and unbothered by others’ chase for trendier sounds.

Editor’s Sidenote: Credit should also go to Nikosf (mastering) and Tek Killa (graphic designer – cover art) – nicely done!