Jazzuelle – Archaic Rapture EP (Foliage Records)

Jazzuelle - Archaic Rapture

Artist: Jazzuelle
Title: Archaic Rapture EP
Label: Foliage Records
Style: Ambient / Deep House

Thando Tshoma is widely known as Jazzuelle on the scene, a Cape Town music export, label founder of Cityscope Recordings and most recently a Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp Alumni.

Jazzuelle’s music explores the broader perspectives of the Deep House genres’ staple elements and his releases are in essence experimental excursions into Broken-Beat and Future Bass Music.

Jazzuelle debuts on the astute Foliage Records of the Black Forest in Germany, with a deep and personal four tracker entitled Archaic Rapture EP.

His release adds to the record labels reputable discography with previous offerings from notable practitioners including Black Coffee, Ndinga Gaba, Ron Trent, Matthew Bandy and Rocco – to mention a few.

His Left-field abstractions culminate into the four track offering infected with fair amounts of narcotic electronic sounds and jazzy persuasions as it is with genuine soul and pure groove.

Archaic Rapture & The Access Point – [3:59] / [7:21]

Archaic Rapture is the title track of this maiden release, the 3:59 second offering is a chillout vibe that kicks the record off on an ambient disposition. The title explores the sonic nature of variable spaces, textures, cultures and times. As such, on The Access Point it feels as though he plots one into a medieval era, with an inaudible vocal from a dictator relaying a fraught message through a speaking-trumpet as the background to the music.

Jazzuelle cleverly captures and arranges the experimental glitch vocals, melodic synthesizers, future bass tones and jazzed up drum progressions into the music.

The Vollard Suite – [7:15]

The kick drum has some depth about it is almost thud-like, the guitar picks melodically fill in the phases while the chords and organ-like stabs interchange with a shape-shifting bassline that transports the song into a groovy rhythm.

As the music gradually progresses Jazzuelle blends in a variety of slow paced and distorted vocal dubs, by the midway point he breaks all the elements down to bear, just to persuasively blend them all back into one unrelenting burst of groove.

Cubism – [7:03]

The final track on his extended play is titled Cubism – sounding much like it is set in a vintage lounge house cafe somewhere along Long Street. The song beats in with a trippy yet well arranged drum progression, surrounded by spacey chord melodies, agonizingly soulful synths and a warm analogous bassline which interchanges with the well timed crashes, all placed up against milieu voices.

Editor’s Sidenote: Music & Artwork produced by Thando Tshoma, mastered by Martin Iveson aka Atjazz.