Jacob Seville – Deceive EP – Sirch Music

Jacob Seville - Deceive EP - Sirch Music

Artist: Jacob Seville
Title: Deceive feat. Mz Sunday Luv
Remixes: Sepehr & Chris Minus
EP Mastering: Rob Small
Label: Sirch Records
Genre: Tech House

One of the leading exponents of electronic music on the Polish scene, Jacob Seville serves up his latest offering ‘Deceive’ on Sirch Records. Seville now based in Barcelona, Spain, teamed up with Greek vocalist Mz Sunday Luv.

Seville’s work is evidence of a culmination of a decade-long career playing across the continental landscape of Europe that has seen him formulate his own unique style in the process.

The ‘Original Mix’ is testament to the aforementioned journey that sees him create a deep melodic track that makes you want to get up off your seat and get down. Mz Sunday Luv’s vocals tease you with her seductive voice leading the charge as the track build momentum.

Seville’s clever use of loops and samples allows him to create an extra pull factor as the song progresses into a fully fledged electronic infused deep house banger.

The remixes don’t disappoint one bit with the ‘Chris Minus remix’ up next. In typical Minus fashion, he lends his own flavour to the joint stripping away some of the darker aspects of the track and giving it a more vibrant appeal.

Minus deeper jacked-up groove also gives Luv’s vocals the licence to step up and dominate a bit more and definitely does not flatter to deceive, pun intended.

The ‘Sepehr Mix’ is both dark and rich in energy, tailor made for dance floor madness with its thumping drum sequencing. Mz Sunday Luv’s vocals are sampled and played with to great effect, adding a magnetic allure to the track that draws one closer to the underlying eclectic nature of its groove.

The Deceive remixes are an all round quality production, keep your eyes open for more from Seville!