EP Review: Chris Minus – Finding Spaces


Artists: Chris Minus

Title: Finding Spaces EP

Remixers: Marc Cotterell, Michael McLardy

Style: Deep House, Tech House

Label: UM Records

Format: Digital Download…

This is the 6th EP from the UM Records featuring Danish house music producer DJ Chris Minus. The EP includes two tracks, the title track ‘Finding Spaces’ and a bonus track and remix ‘Drifting Along’.

The remixes feature the talents of Michael McLardy and Marc Cotterell two names synonymous with Deep House. Although the two do fall on varying points of the spectrum on the Deep House continuum. Marc Cotterell sits somewhere in the middle, while Michael McLardy is placed somewhere on the edge bucking the see-saw with his experimental Deep Tech tendencies.

The orginal mix of ‘Finding Spaces’ has to have the coolest transitions I’ve heard so far this year. I kept having to repeat the track to make sure I was still listening to the same mix.

The Marc Cotterell’s late night remix for ‘Finding Spaces’ is a little gem. The intro is extended and the track takes it time before the vocals slowly start to seduce you. If I could actually pick a tune to meet my significant other too, this would be it.

Drifting Along’ does not have the strong bass beats of ‘Finding Spaces’, and were it not for the BPM then I would have totally labelled it as a minimal house track.

The tracks are well put together but, I can’t see the dance-floor going manic once the tracks are loaded. I will definitely be bumping Marc Cotterell’s late night remix all day.

Review: Sly Creative Lab