DJ China Deep Inside 2

House mates it is said amongst certain circles that the sequel is never as good as its predecessor. Well in this instance they would be telling fibs- AMANGA!!!!  MAKA!!! LIES I TELL YOU. Now, to be honest with you I must have been hungry when I wrote this review because this compilation made me liken DJ China’s compilation to a gourmet meal that is well done.

Deep Inside 2 is one of those compilations that simmers the masses, it prepares them for the night ahead. Or on the flip side it is ideal for a chill session with good company, a braai and your choice of drinks. DJ China compiled the offering with Kid Fonque and I must say that the track selection is brilliant; most of the tunes are compiled of tenderized chords which land softly on the ears, flavoured with male vocals that have depth, the finishing touch being a perfect balance of indigenous and exotic tunes.

Some of the most talented producers contributed to this compilation, with that being said here are tracks to look out for; Leon Ware- On the beach (Atjazz Love Soul Remix), Dolls Combers- Fools Paradise (Original), Onsulade-No Way (Original), Da Capo- In Need (Original).

The album sleeve looks a bit like a cover that would be used for an afro-pop album (nothing wrong with Afro-pop). Sleeve is playful but the music is no joke.

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  • Congress

    wow, i have the compilation, very deep and nice indeed! i just love your words, you can write Obakeng!

  • @TerrenceDj

    Big up’s G man…!