Distortion Inc – Echo of Tape EP

Distortion Inc  - Deepwit Uncovered

Artist: Distortion Inc.
Title: Echo of Tape EP
Label: Deepwit Recordings
Genre: Deep House/Deep Tech/Chill-out/Lounge

Distortion Inc drops an interesting EP on DeepWit Recordings, moving slightly away from the norm with a more ambient/electronic down tempo sound.

Opening up the EP is ‘Autumn Saturday’; a simple track yet with a unique ambient atmosphere that sweeps your mind on a journey; as if you were strolling through the park on a perfect autumn’s day just when the leaves begin to fall.

The track sets the tone for the entire EP as you drift into the tranquil structure, taping your feet on the elegant piano keys and to the kick of the drum beat.

Overall, it’s a well crafted record which will set the mood perfectly to many late afternoon/early evening chill sessions or may even sneak its way into a few accomplished warm-up sets.

‘Echo of Tape’ veers slightly in a different direction, moulding together an eclectic and electronic-laced sound. The track does exceedingly well in opening up the window to a deeper, audible space for a more laid back listener to lose themselves in. The deep bass and drum ensemble is quite hypnotizing.

If yours is a somewhat ‘deeper’ lounge vibe you’ll definitely be home with this one.

So in Love’ on the other hand keeps your ears transfixed on its Deep Techy groove with a rhythmic drum beat. The timely melodic piano keys and dream-like vocal samples draw upon warmer, emotive feeling to the track. It’s definitely another gem for the well-versed Deep House head.