D Maslo & Che Cherry – Keep On Dreaming

D Maslo - Che Cherry - Keep On Dreaming

Artist:D Maslo & Che Cherry

Producer: Steve Paradise

Remixes: DJ Rork, Deep Xcape, Spiritual Blessings

Title: Keep On Dreaming

Label: Uno Mas Digital Recordings

Genre: Soulful House, Vocal House

If you’ve had the opportunity to witness D Maslo & Che Cherry perform live, I’m certain you’ll agree that their musicality, impact and poignancy are second to none. They’ve had strings of successes on stage with Che Cherry singing on tracks mixed live by D Maslo.

Now, they’ve brought their respective skills to the studio to create an endearing blend of soulful House with inspiring vocal elements.

‘Keep On Dreaming’ (Original), produced by Steve Paradise is laden with his trademark suave production. Its canny soulful outlook captivates, oscillates and emotively shifts underpinned by an intelligent saxophone rendering.

Che Cherry’s spirit-lifting vocals fuse into the music arrangement and allow you to let the music penetrate your senses and give you no choice but to marvel at the conviction of a far reaching vocal talent.

The ‘Alternative Sax Mix’ takes the track in an easy-going direction with the beat serving as the track’s foundation while the saxophone doubles itself and goes somewhat pitching towards the most jovial apex imaginable.

On remix duty, they’ve enlisted some of soulful House’s trustworthy names – the standouts in my opinion being the Deep Xcape’s remix. Their soulful mix has a lovely soothing syth arrangement, accentuating Che Cherry’s voice even further.

Vocal depth, melody, texture, groove are all abound in ‘Keep On Dreaming’ with stirring vibrancy.