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ladybird-album - Peng

Artist: Ladybird LABEL – PENG

Title: Ladybird [The Album]

Producer: Andy Compton

Label: Peng Records

Format: Available on CD & digital download…

It’s been a while since I’ve heard something so simple but good. Ladybird serves an [what I’d call] easy to listen good-old-fashioned Electronic Jazz; urban soul album and she does it well.

Ladybird’s self titled album epitomizes the ‘urban soul’ vibe. The in vogue, electronic Jazz infused atmosphere that makes your hips sway involuntarily. Her playful voice makes you feel a gradual attraction to a life of good vibrations.

‘Special’ is one of those; that when you listen to walking downtown Jozi [South Africa] your mind drifts and strolls into state of tranquility while experiencing views of sky scrapers on high as well as the ‘noisy melody’ of traffic below.

The Bird’s voice also takes you on a nightlife experience in ‘Shine’. It’s a fantastic excuse to visit the cocktail lounge on the corner of Forth and Anderson, with some girlfriends feeling beautiful, glowing and shining – as she sings.

Speaking of shining, how about some ‘Sweet Like Sunshine’. You cannot help but submit to a dose of sweet and refreshing vocals that makes you fall in love with the slightly trickled smoothness of ‘urban Afro soul’ conga beats.

The beats continue and are more clearly defined in a jazzy ‘Never Wanna Let You Go’. There is something magical in Ladybird’s performance on this one.

And then there is the saxophone performance in ‘You’, the all familiar soothing gentle groove we’ve come to love from Pete Morris and from the songstress herself.

It’s an absolute pleasure to slow dance with someone on a sexy night out and ‘Moving Along’ has that exact lingering promise.

It is soft and inviting, and the whimsical chimes in the background make it all the more alluring. ‘Rainy Daze’ also qualifies Ladybird as one of the ladies of ‘Electronic Soul’.

The album is solid yet soft and intriguing. It takes you dancing but keeps you grounded on a night out in the city. Perfect for sophisticated outings and the ladies would definitely agree with me.

And guys, [my piece of advice to you] if you want a good, romantic experience to put you and your lady in the mood, do it the Ladybird’s way.

Review: Stef Louw

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