From The Runway To The Freeway

If you had told me a few months ago that Fiat, the same company that made the ugliest car on the face of the planet (The Multipla) would be teaming up with Diesel (makers of some of the freshest denim apparel) I’d be ROTFL. This is no laughing matter though because the FIAT 500 by Diesel is one the hottest cars on the market right now and I am sure you can clearly see why and the part not unlike its competitors not every Tom, Dick and Bonang has one.

The 500 by Diesel is an inimitable car for the very distinctive individual. Complete with Diesel”only for the brave” branding it was love at first sight especially the cabriolet version perfect for 3am in the morning drives on a summer night.

Power comes from a 73kw engine, perfect for zipping through traffic but also giving you that extra kick when you need to overtake and the station wagon drivers and that not best part, with prices starting from under R180 000 everyone can afford one.

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