Benoit Maubrey’s Electroacoustic sculptures

So I’ve been feeling aristically tuned this week, visited a few galleries and websites and came across this interesting artist:

Benoit Maubrey

Since 1982 Maubrey has specialized in creating interactive public sculptures in public spaces using recycled, cheap, and “found” electronics for his art. These are “active” electroacoustic sculptures: quite often the function as “Speakers Corner” where the public can express themselves “live”. In some situations he makes use of former public (disguarded) monuments and “upgrade” them using modern technology and electronics.

Speakers Wall

Electroacoustic sculpture has original segment of the Berlin Wall and 1000 recycled loudspeakers, radios, and amplifiers. People can call up the sculpture and talk through it directly for 3 minutes: more than 900 calls were registered. For DJ concerts the sculpture also served as PA system.


This sculpture was a project for the Sound Art exhibition at the ZKM / Karlsruhe.

The materials that were used were  3000 recycled loudspeakers and assorted electronic parts, 10 recycled amplifiers, 10 recycled radios/tuners, 1 mixing board. The sound was “white noise” from radio receivers and people’s voices.

This took place on March 16th 2012 by calling the German telephone number 0721 – 8100 1818 , people could express themselves freely through the sculpture for 3 minutes).

What you think of Murray’s sculptures?