The Nutscratchers – stealing everyone’s thunder

The Nutscratchers

I’m quite sure that a sight of a Jason mask’ is enough to make anybody break into a cold shiver and possibly let out a little leak.

If you do however happen to spot two air-punching, bass line worshiping individuals behind the decks wearing ‘Jason masks’; take a deep breath and resist the urge to run for the hills. They are your friendly neighbourhood DJ duo The Nutscratchers aka DJ Rawkidd and Soshalistic.

“The masks are to remove the need for people to focus on us [as DJs] and allow the experience to be about the people in the party. Who we are is not important! What is important is that each and everyone in the party remembers the time they spent with us while we were on the decks.

The need for recognition and celebrity statuses can sometimes become a distraction and take away the value and purity of the whole party experience.

By remaining anonymous we achieve a primary goal of not having to worry about whether if we play a certain song no one will think our set was amazing. In our anonymous mode we are not subject to the pressures of most DJ’s; we are free to provide a far out, memorable, amazingly fun and unique experience”.

The Nutscratchers, Durban, March 2013

It is no wonder then that their propulsive rhythmic sound shocks like electric eels; for real!

And under the guidance of DJ Coco Loco they have progressed to bring a truly uniquely conflated sound of Funk, Disco, Dub Step, R&B, Hip Hop Drum and Bass with the idea of making every set a progressive journey, until it climaxes with a high energy selection of Tech and Drum and Bass.

Having cut their teeth with sets a local student bar ‘The Big Chill’ since 2004 until 2006, with a music selection that was predominantly underground Hip Hop, Neo Soul; their sets have become more experimental. But don’t think for one second that their experimentation ignores the dance floor.

Their sets are filled with rumbling bass lines, that growl beneath clumping House kicks to dynamite effects.

With a busy schedule in and around Durban, picking up enuff love from the pundits while at it; best believe they will steal everyone’s thunder when they eventually roll into your hood.

Image Credit: Erin Wulfsohn


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