Julie Monnin aka Ladybird’s 10 best vocalist that inspired her career

Julie Monnin aka Ladybird

Julie Monnin aka Ladybird is one those artists who’s been able to earn both critical and commercial success. She is best known for her singing talents with her group Soldiers of Twilight and her collaborations with Llorca.

She’s also garnered a lot of accolades for her knack of connecting with audiences and a soulful resonance that has a penchant of clinging onto hearts, heads and groove thangs.

Her gracefulness on stage is initially what makes us swoon, but once she starts singing it is truly over. She becomes the epicentre and we are hers for as long as she is standing in front of us. After all, it is her heart and ultra-smooth voice that is poured into her songs.

Having toured South Africa numerous times initially and for the first time as part of Soldiers of Twilight (much respect to Nicolas Trinchillo)  and recently alongside Andy Compton; I managed to get hold of her to talk about the singers that have inspired her as a vocalist.


1. Chaka Kan – I’m every woman

Ladybird: I love the lyrics and the message; pays homage to women. It’s an empowering song.

2. India / Masters at Work – To be in love

Ladybird: I love the fact that she is a Salsa singer singing House. It makes the sound different and full of passion. It also made me think [at the time] that you don’t have to be a Gospel singer to sing over House music.

3. Jill Scott – Crown Royal

Ladybird: Just a really sexy song with great lyrics.

4. Nadirah Shakoor/ Osunlade – Pride

Ladybird: Another song paying homage to women and their strength, very empowering.

5. Aretha Franklin – Natural Woman

Ladybird: I love her voice, Queen of soul!

6. Donna Summer – Lasts Dance

Ladybird: I love Donna Summer; she was the queen of Disco and greatly influenced a lot of House singers.

7. Minnie Riperton – Loving you

Ladybird: Great love song written in half an hour in her kitchen with her husband. She had such an incredible range and sweet voice.

8. Diana Ross – I’m coming out

Ladybird: I can’t stop dancing when I hear this!!

9. N’dea Davenport / Brand New Heavies – Never stop

Ladybird: She is a great singer and I love the positive lyrics.

10. Diviniti/Andy Compton – In Love Again

Ladybird: Her voice is so sweet and a just a beautiful love song.


Editors Notes: Check out Julie Monnin aka Ladybird alongside Bristol based producer Andy Compton with the help of The Rurals in house musical team as L.A.M.P paying homage to their influences, with songs with traces of Jazz Funk, Acoustic Soul and Reggae.

L.A.M.P is released under Peng Records. Watch out for the ‘L.A.M.P Experience Live’ coming soon to a town near you.