Interview: MuzArt – a new face of SA Pop

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Muzart - South African Urban Pop Band 2

MuzArt is one the hottest tipped bands in SA at these days. They are young, fresh and upbeat with an intention to create timeless music that touches and resonates with people from all walks of life.

They are proof that when the right artists come together, magic happens. Their chemistry as a band and polished musical output is nothing short of exquisite imagination and charm – getting exponentially better with every performance.

This is the new face of South African pop and they’re in perpetual motion upwards.

What elements have grounded this album to make it a unique and authentic package?

We are a group of musicians with different musical preferences and backgrounds and we find it special to combine our identities. The “House” appeal [in our sound] is mostly dominant because it is the sound that represents the youth of today.

We spice it up with its origins of Soul, Jazz and Gospel which [we believe] speaks to a mature audience; so the listener has the option to listen, dance or do both.

Apart from the single ‘Jukebox’ holding the number one title for more than three consecutive months on YFM and your individual successes in music; why should people take your collective artistry seriously?

We are an explosive combination that cannot be described. How we met and gelled is beyond us, it is a Supreme design from above.

It has to be experienced because never has South Africa received a media personality, performing extraordinaire, song-writing/production and personal relations house all in one.

It takes many established outfits a very long time to come up with a strong proposition for an album. When did you all feel that you were ready for one?

We probably would still be thinking we are ready by now. We were just doing our own thing, not in a rush for a record deal or music industry exposure when big names and companies started hunting us.

That is when we knew this was serious. We had to consider day jobs, availability and other long-term commitments. Our lives basically changed.

What is the primary ingredient that you would like people to look out for in the album?

A spirit with an attitude of joy, peace and happiness, from the beginning to the end. Our motive is to change your mood any day at any time.

Judging from varied vantage points at which each member approaches music, what distinct qualities does each and one of you offer to the band’s music compositions?

Rori is a TV personality and our lead singer, fluent in speech and relating to any audience. Jabu Junior, son to the late great Jabu Khanyile, brings his experience and acumen in music PR/marketing and as a DJ. Sol is a qualified session lead guitarist and extraordinary performer.

Tazzy has a discography of producing, composing and song-writing for SA’s biggest names. Lastly, Vic is an award winning producer/sound engineer who puts a stamp onto what will work as the final sound in the music.

Sharing the stage with some of South Africa’s big stars must have been a great experience. How do you all accommodate each other’s imaginations on how the performance aesthetics should be?

We all come up with suggestions and give each other a chance to express them. From there we’ll choose what will work for a particular show or crowd. We respect one another on the same level to consider each idea seriously.

What comprises of a MuzArt performance?

We’ve got two keyboardists, a guitarist, three vocalists and a flow between tracks from our DJ. You’re bound to go from a club, lounge to a theatrical concert all in one performance.

What can do you all hope to achieve this year?

We hope to achieve a relationship with the South African masses that will inspire them to take charge of today for a better future. We are passionate about making a difference in our country. Being positive is a start and music is able to bring that across.