Diesel Vektr Headphones by Monster


Introducing Diesel x Monster Vektr On-Ear Headphones. As part of their newly announced Diesel Noise Division unveiling the Vektr On-Ear folding headphone as it seeks to change the end-user’s “perception of sound.” Who better for the Italian fashion gurus to join forces with, to change that perception, than with Monster? Already, home to a number of wildly successful commercial collaborations with musicians such as Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon and Lady Gaga to name but a few. The Vektr should be in very capable hands with Monster. The Vektr line will come in both over-ear and in-ear designs. They feature an angular and radically faceted design, and will still pump like monster headphones do– a unique triangular anti-tangle cord, hands-free ControlTalk compatibility, and a Touring travel case. We at Houseonmag can’t wait to get a pair.