Diesel Pelican Hotel Miami

From the day it opened its doors for the first time on June 1, 1994 – the Pelican has been the coolest hotel in the heart of South Beach. The $4million dollar Fellini-esque boutique property is the first hotel venture from the cutting-edge Diesel Jeans and we love how it brings the Diesel philosophy to life.


The Art Deco hotel has understandably become a hit with the fashion, music and publishing set. Every one of the 25 rooms you see is completely different from the other. All have been daringly and wittily designed by the Swedish interior decorator Magnus Ehrland and they all come with their own titles. For instance, Room 309 (a standard room with a queensize bed) is called “Psychedelic (ate) Girl” Room 302 (the gorgeous ocean-front suite with a queensize bed) is called “Big Bamboo”. Room 201 (the fabulous ocean-front suite with the king-size bed), is called “Executive Fifties”. The rooms are tooled after their themes. Thus the hotel’s most popular room (Room 215) “Best Whorehouse” looks like something out of Quintin Tarantino movie. This is the ideal hotel for those of who were planing a trip to next years Miami Winter Music Conference