Chuck Taylor All Star Well Worn Collection


Chuck Taylor’s also known as Chucks, All Stars or Converse were first produced in 1917 as the “All Star”. The  attempt was to capture the basketball shoe market by bringing on board Charles “Chuck Taylor”  a basketball player who then became a shoe salesman for Converse.

He improved the shoe design by introducing a variety of colours, styles, prints and fabrics. In 1923 Taylor’s signature was put into the design of the shoe, which is how the shoe became known as the “Chuck Taylor” All Star.

In 2003, Nike finally bought Converse brand name for around $305 million, this is after the company had filed for bankruptcy numerous times.


So yes, Chucks have been around since the early 1900’s but here’s why we love them:

They are what is in and what’s hot right now. Not the most comfortable I will admit that much, but they are fun, quirky and they add tons of character and boldness to ones outfit.

They accentuate your unique style and interests. They are what we call CLASSIC meets STREET – fit for all – hipsters, trend setters, ballers, rappers and even skaters.

Perfect for any type of outfit, whether it be dressed up with a tux or down with the oldest pair of your ripped up jeans and even playful enough to be paired up with a dress or a skirt.


The shoe has since became popular among many subcultures and has managed to stay relevant throughout the decades, as it continues to reinvent its self. Here’s how they described their latest 2013 Spring collection: Chuck Taylor All Star Well Worn Collection

It produces the perfect broken in look. The distressed effect contributes comfort, history and character, delivering an easy going summer feel.”

So here’s little advice and for a bit of street cred upliftment – Get yourself a pair of Chucks!