Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans 1

Ever looked through a man’s closet and thought to yourself: ‘Hmmm, I’d like a pair of those, wonder if those would fit me?’ Well I have! Which explains my utter obsession with the boyfriend jean trend. I LOVE me some boyfriend jeans!

They are effortless and easy to wear and guess what ladies? You don’t even need a boyfriend to own a pair – Haha!

The retail gods have gone and designed them for us – Hallelujah!

Now I know there may still be a couple of ladies who aren’t too sure about this particular trend and that’s OK!

Not every trend is worth following. However for those who are sold on it, here are a few pointers to consider when rocking this trend:

Boyfriend Jeans 2

1. Boyfriend jeans are not meant to be falling off or too saggy, they’re meant to be a little roomy…

2. Never pair boyfriend jeans with a loose or baggy top, that’ll only make you look sloppy. Go for a fitted one instead.

3. I personally prefer mine to be tight around the waist, they are more comfortable that way…

4. Try folding them up at the bottom for a cropped up look and would pair them up with a gorgeous pair of heels just to give them a feminine finish…

5. Most importantly, before you buy a pair, make sure you fit them, take a stroll around the store if you have too, in order to find a pair that best suits you and that you are comfortable in. Comfort is definitely key here…

Boyfriend Jeans 3

*Stokists : Style Alert (SA), Cotton On, Diesel, Levi’s, Replay, Sissy Boy, Top Shop and any regular vintage store.

  • Zola

    Yes to boyfriend jeans. Cool article.